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Maintenance Fee Schedule

Site Maintenance is for updates and changes to your site. Like adding new photo's or information, changing pricing, deleting items currently on your site, etc. Maintenance also includes updating your listings with search engines. You are not required to have a maintenance program, and may update your site listing with search engines yourself, but if your site will have or need changes and updates you may need a maintenance program. Your maintenance program is setup to fit your site change/update requirements and will be adjusted, to a lower or higher schedule, as your site maintenance requirements change.

Maintenance Schedule.
Low Maintenance: 1-5 Updates or changes per month

- Rate: $5 per month

Med-Low Maintenance: 5-10 Updates or changes per month
- Rate: $10 per month

Medium Maintenance: 10-15 updates or changes per month
- Rate: $15 per month

Med-High Maintenance: 15-25 updates or changes per month
- Rate: $20 per month

High Maintenance: over 25-50 per month
- Rate $25 per month

Over 50 per month -- email for quote

Maintenance contracts will be based on your update/changes needs during your included site contract. Each renewal contract period will be adjusted to the rate of needs required during the previous contract period.

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