Estugo's Yorkshire Terriers

A tradition of quality since 1976


Estugo's foundation stock comes from the combination of "Wildweir" (mostly), Tiffany and Turyanne. Our new infused is Eburacum (UK)

Multi.BIS. Ch. Estugo's As Simon Says


In our breeding program we consider top priority: soundness and character. Equally important: health and fertility.

As for appearance or visage: outline, balance, silhouette, correct head and expression; and, of course, texture and color; very much in that order.

Our first Champion was Estugo's Stella Star (1976), since then 89 american champions have come along, all of them breeder/owned/handler, that is the merit!!

Many others champions came along from many countries in Europe and Latin America.

Top Brood Bitch Award (2001) from the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, Estugo's Andrea Chenier ROM. , five of her puppies -same litter- became champions; unprecedent, as far as we know, no has surpassed that record.

We want to thanks to the people who have trusted in our lines, to help them to improve their breeding program.

Estugo's Yorkshire Terriers,  selected dogs for selected people!

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Hugo J. Ibanez
Charlotte, NC

Sergio A. Amien
Madrid, Spain

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