Chinese Cresteds
General Appearance
A toy dog, fine-boned, elegant and graceful.  The distinct varieties 
are born in the same litter.  The Hairless with hair only on the head, 
tail and feet and the Powderpuff, completely covered with hair.  The 
breed serves as a loving companion, playful and entertaining.
Size, Proportion, Substance
Size---Ideally 11 to 13 inches.  However, dogs that are slightly 
larger or smaller may be given full consideration. Proportion---rectangular-proprotioned to allow for freedom of 
movement. Body length from withers to base of tail is slightly longer 
than the height at the withers. 
Substance---Fine-boned and slender 
but not so refined as to appear breakable or alternatively, not a robust, 
heavy structure.
Expression---Alert and intense. 
Eyes---Almond-shaped, set 
wide apart.  Dark-colored dogs have dark-colored eyes, and 
lighter-colored dogs may have lighter-colored eyes.  Eye rims
match the coloring of the dog. 
Ears---Uncropped large and 
erect, placed so that the base of the ear is level with the ourside 
corner of the eye.
Skull---The skull is arched gently over the 
occiput from ear to ear.  Distance from occiput to stop equal to 
distance from stop to tip of nose.  The head is wedge-shaped 
viewed from above and the side. 
Stop---Slight but distinct.
Muzzle---Cheeks taper cleanly into the muzzle. 
Nose---Dark in dark-colored dogs, may be lighter in lighter-colored
dogs.  Pigment is solid.
Lips---Lips are clean and tight
or level in both varieties.  Missing teeth in the Powderpuff are to 
be faulted.  The Hairless variety is not to be penalized for absence 
of full dentition. 
Neck, Topline, Body
Neck--- Lean and clean, slightly arched from the withers to the
base of the skull and carried high. 
Topline---Level to slightly 
sloping croup. 
Body---Brisket extends to the elbow.  Breastbone is not 
prominent.  Ribs are well developed.  The depth of the chest 
tapers to a moderate tuck-up at the flanks.  Light in loin.
Tail---Tail is slender and tapers to a curve.  It is long enough 
to reach the hock.  When dog is in motion, the tail is carried 
gaily and may be carried slightly forward over the back.  At rest 
the tail is down with a slight curve upward at the end resembling
a sickle.  In the Hairless variety, two-thirds of the end of the tail 
is covered by long, flowing feathering referred to as a plume. 
The Powderpuff variety's tail is completely covered with hair.
 Angulation Layback of shoulders is 45 degrees to point of shoulder 
allowing for good reach.  Shoulders clean & narrow.  Elbows 
close to body.  Legs long, slender & straight.  Pasterns  upright, 
fine & strong.  Dewclaws may be removed.----Feet---hare foot, 
narrow with elongated toes.  Nails are trimmed to moderate length.---
Angulation Stifle moderately angulated. From hock joint to 
ground perpendicular.  Dewclaws may be removed. Feet same 
as forequarters.
The Hairless variety has hair on certain portions of the body: 
the head (called a crest), the tail (called a plume) and the feet from 
the toes to the front pasterns and rear hock joints (called socks). 
The texture of all the hair is soft & silky, flowing to any length. 
Placement of hair is not as important as overall type.  Areas that 
have hair usually taper off slightly. Wherever the body is hairless, 
the skin is soft & smooth.   Head Crest begins at the stop & tapers 
off between the base of the skull & the back of the neck.  Hair on 
the ears & face is permitted on the Hairless & may be trimmed for 
neatness in both varieties. Tail plume is described under Tail. 
The Powderpuff variety is completly covered with a double soft 
& silky coat.  Close examination reveals long thin guard hairs over
the short silky undercoat.  The coat is straight, of moderate density
& length. Excessively heavy, kinky or curly coat is to be penalized. 
Grooming is minimal-consisting of presenting a clean & neat 
Any color or combination of colors. 
Lively, agile & smooth without being stilted or hackneyed. 
Comes & goes at a trot moving in a straight line. 
Temperment --
Gay & alert. 

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