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Avant's Rhapsody Of Ponderosa


Ch. Kamegko's Saint Nicholas
BISS Am/Can Ch. Durrers Reflections Of Shelands
CAN Ch. Durrer's Must Be Good Am/ Can Ch. Durrer's Goody Goody Ch Jentre's Bloomsbury Beau Brady
Can Ch. Mardonlyns Dancin J For Durrer
Can Ch. Durrer's Must Be Magic Ch. Pastoral Just A Tad Devilish
Can Ch. Durrer's Enchantment
Sheland's Tin Lizzie Am/Can Ch. Durrer's Tin Whistle, ROM Am/Can Ch. Lavally Mooncoyne Bobby
Ch. Mardonlyn's Dancer A Go-Go
Can Ch. Durrer's Share Of The Devil Am/Can Ch. Montclair The Devil Himself
Can Ch. Montclair Social Butterfly
Kamegko's Beautiful Dreamer
Ch. Wildweir Chief Kicking Bear Ch. Wildweir Clancy A toy Soilder Ch. Winwood Meet Mr Callahan
Ch. Wildweir Indian Heather
Weildweir Ms Beau Ti Ful Ch. Jentre's Beau Gentry
Ch. Wildweir Putting On The Ritz
Tim's Little Carolina Jasmine Precious Petite Bit-O-Jubie Jentre-Ambrosia Take-A-Chance
Caledon Firth
Precious Petite's Bambi Ch. Ambrosia's Boogie Man
Jolea Shado Holly Dazzler
Ponderosa's Autumn Moon Star
Linnay's Keno Go Lucky
Linnay's Color Me Trouble Airport Farm's Little Bear Leonard jakes Ladd Jr
Belcher Abby Bit
Linnay's Pippi Gabrial Pippi's Don Juan
Fantasia Star Of Joy
Linnay's Pippi Gabrial Pippi's Don Juan Joy-Havens Ewok
Pippi Long Stockings II
Fantasia Star Of Joy Sir Charles Of Joy-Haven
Foxknoll's Starr Fantasia
Missy Little Baby Fancy
Jerrico Markus Sammy Summey Jewel
Jofre's Make My Day
Ch. Kaacey's De De-Lightful
Dolly Dae-Dream Kaywood Basin Street Blues
Golda Dehan
Haley Melissa Reese's Pee Wee Reese's Mighty ToJo
Reese's Patsy Marie
Sherri Jo Julia's Pee Wee
Julia's Candy Land

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