Thinking about buying a puppy?
Here is some important reading material
and advice in my opinion

Recommended Books

How to Buy & Raise A Good
Healthy Dog
By Terri Shumsky
Head to Tails Yorkies
By Sandy Lemire
Guide to Owning a Yorkshire Terrier
Elizabeth Downing
A Guide to Owning a Pomeranian
By Vikki Ellmann
By Joe Stahlkuppe
The Essential Pomeranian
Ian Dunbar
How to Housebreak
Your Dog in 7 Days
Shirlee Kalstone
Crate-Den Training
By September B. Morn
Housebreaking and Training Your New Puppy
By Michael Kelly
Housebreaking and Other Puppy Problems
Katharine Kennedy

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Am I Famous Now?
(a sobering short story by Cynthia...PLEASE read before breeding your dog)


Think you want to be a breeder. Do your research of what all is involved first.
We recommend you get all the books on breeding and whelping you can find.

To see the miracle of birth, the time and the devotion involved in bringing a litter into the world,
View the birth of a miniature pinscher litter.
Click here

Puppy buyers beware of breeders with CKC (Continental Kennel Club)
registered puppies for sale. Are these CKC puppies really what you think they are?
Click here for more information about CKC registering policies

            Always Be sure to find out about the breeder, their breeding beliefs and habits, the conditions animals are kept in, and how they care for and raise the babies you are considering purchasing.
PLEASE DO NOT buy from pet stores or PuppyMills, there ARE reputable breeders
in all parts of the world. If you need a reference for your area click on the link below and visit:

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