Our Chinese Crested...

I have always admired and been in love with the HL Chinese Crested.
I would like to thank Kathy Davis of Zydeco for allowing us to co-own Bunny with her.
I am looking forward to learning all I can about the breed and showing them
with Kathy's guidance, and to showing Bunny in 2005.

ApacheCha.jpg (15493 bytes)
Ch. Zydeco-Pnderosa Apache Warrior
Sire: Ch. Proud Pony Observer
Dam: Poss Cameo

Breeders/Owners: Kathryn M. Davis & Tammie Ford
Apache is our first male Crested and 1st Bred by Crested Ch.
(Click on Apache's Photo to go to his page)

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Rockaby's Creme De La Creme
Ch. Proud Pony Observer
Dam: Richlin Nightshade At Robrex

Pnderosa's Red Riding Hood

Sire: Ch. Zydeco-Pnderosa Apache Warrior
Dam: Jo-Bar's Paint'n A Win At Pnderosa

Pnderosa's I Didn't Do It
"No No"

Sire: Ch. Zydeco-Pnderosa Apache Warrior
Dam: Rockaby's Creme De La Creme

Chinese Crested

Although the early beginnings of the breed is undocumented, some historians theorize that the breed is the result of crossing the Mexican Hairless and the Chihuahua. However there is evidence that during the 16th century and as early as 1530 that Chinese traders obtained Cresteds either in Mexico or Africa and sold them throughout the world.

     Because the dogs had no hair it is believed that the Chinese Emperors treasured them and kept them for their magical healing properties. Because the dogs have no hair to insulate their bodies, the Chinese would place the hairless pup on an aching arm producing a portable heating pad effect. This made the dogs magical as well as medical.

     Others believed the hairless dogs were eaten as a delicacy.

     Chinese Cresteds come in two types. The hairless carries varying amounts of hair on their bodies, has a crest of hair somewhat like a mane on the head and neck and furnishings on the legs and tail, The Powder Puff has a soft, non shedding coat that covers the entire body.

     This little dog is truly a treasure to have around. As a pet they do not shed, are odorless and generally rugged and healthy. They are gay and very agile little clowns that when running around the yard look very much, as children call then little pony "dogs".  They are very charming with their clown like antics melt the heart and make you smile. They are very intelligent breed of dog that can use their feet like hands to cling to objects. They are an alternative for people who don't enjoy grooming or vacuuming hair and are excellent for people with allergies. Although this is not a barking breed they are alert to the slightest noise and will alert you to visitors.

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