Pnderosa Babies

We do have a waiting list for our possible available puppies from most of our upcoming expected litters. If you are interested in talking with us about a possible available puppy or getting on our waiting list for a puppy from a future litter, please email me.

This page was updated: July 16, 2013.
Please contact me if you are interested in a pup that may be available.

All my puppies are placed in approved homes on contract. All pets are on limited registration (not eligible to be bred). All have inherited genetic health defect guarantees covering the heart, liver, and lungs.

When the puppy leaves for its new home it will have a supply of the food it is eating, a welcome home puppy package with information sheets on feeding, grooming, and housebreaking. Toys,   sample bottle of puppy shampoo and conditioner from our Product line (like I use on my show dogs and pets). These are items you may need for your puppy during adjustment time. This way the puppy has things that are familiar to it go with it to its new home to make the transition easier.

E-Mail me for more information

Yorkshire Terriers
We do not currently  have  yorkie babies

Memorial Day Babies
Danny & Secret Whleped May 27 2013

2 girls & 1 boy - tiny babies (only 2 - 3 oz at birth)

1 Female and 1 Male Available

Fem1-8wka.jpg (178862 bytes)    Male8wka.jpg (178065 bytes)

Female (Left)                                                         Male (Right)

Fem1-8wk1a.jpg (190100 bytes)    Male8wk1a.jpg (172597 bytes)
Female (Left)                                                         Male (Right)

Both are very small - weighing only 1# 1oz  at 8 weeks old.

We currently have maltese babies

Pom Puppies
We do not currently have pom babies

Ponderosa's Next Expected Litters
We generally have a waiting list for any available
puppies from our upcoming breedings or litters.
Please check with us to see if we currently have any litters/pups available.
Please check the bottom of the page for any referrals of breeders we recommend you check with that have puppies.

We are hopefully expecting babies from the following receint breedings.
We do plan to keep something from each breeding ourselves,
but there will probably be a few available pups from the litters.





Below are some Retired and available for Adoption kids of ours.
Anyone who might be interested in adopting one of our retired girls please contact me by email with the name of the girl or boy you are interested in adopting, and I will be happy to talk with you about him or her.
Adoption fee on any of our retirees is cost of spay or neuture & Dental, which is $250.00.

All our retired dogs will be spayed/neutured and have a dental cleaning prior to going to a retirement home.

Breeder Referrals

We are happy to refer people to other reputable breeders
we personally know to check with to see if they may have any available puppies.

Updated 07/16/2013



Other sources to check are:

The YTCA (Yorkshire TErrier club of America)

The APC (American Pomeranian Club)


Breeders Around the World

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