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Ponderosa Rocketman Of Hilcrest
Sire: Ch. Merrymont Fly By Nite
Dam: Halston N' Winterset's Rockette "Tabatha"
Rocket's Pedigree

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Rocketman is our future show hopeful.
We would like to thank our good friends Sylvia & Jerry Shumake of Hilcrest
for letting this little boy become a part of our family.

Check back for updates and new pictures

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Here I am at 3 months

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Rocketman at 8 months
Rocket attended a couple of shows in July - Oct. and although he moves well he is still young and immature.
So he will be worked with some more and allowed to "grow up" a little more and he will
then return to the ring. Be looking for him in the ring in 2003.

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Rocket at 1 yr

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Meet my family

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My Sire:
Ch. Merrymont Fly By Nite
Owned by Ken Griffin of Lenette Pomeranians
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My Dam:
Halston N' Winterset's Rockette

Owned by Sylvia Shumake of Hilcrest

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That is me on the left & my brother  "Tyler" on the right.
Tyler is owned by our breeder Sylvia Shumake of Hilcrest

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