Tammie Williams
5791 Rocky Mount Rd.
Granite Falls, NC 28630

Handling - Showing - Grooming Services

Handling & Training Services for most toy breeds
Specializing in Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians & Chinese Crested

Call for more information:  -- 828-212-0657
8am - 6pm M-F

Grooming Service
**By appointment only**
Toy breeds up to 20lbs
Bath, teeth brushing, pads & ears trim (if required), Nails cut,
light teeth scaling during bath & finishing Cologne.

Initial or Monthly client dog -- $25.00
Bi-Monthly client dog discount -- $15.00 per session

Dental scaling complete -- $50.00

Conformation Show Training services currently available
Includes: Good Grooming Manners, Table training, Stacking, Lead training,
People and dog socialization and dog being gone over by other individuals.
$25/week short coat breeds --- $35/week Long coat breeds
(Includes food & maintenance grooming & grooming supplies.)
*Deduct $5/wk if you provide food for your dog*

Handling & Boarding fees:
Deposit: $300.00 upon accepting your dog as a client.
If being trained prior to showing board begins upon entry to first show
Deposit will be deducted from your last month billing.
Failure to pay monthly invoice within 30 days of billing date
will result in no further entries being made for your dog.

**Entries will be made by me and added to your monthly invoice.
Entry fees can range from $20 - $35.00 per show (depending on age/class and club)
plus $3.50 online entry fee

Class Dogs $5/day short coat -- $7/day long coat
Specials -- $10/day
(includes food & maintenance grooming, dental upkeep, cleaning & grooming supplies)

Handling Fee Schedule
Puppy class handling fee -- $50/per show
Class Dogs -- $75/ per show

Specials -- $85/ per show
Travel Expense -- $25.00/day
(Charge includes: Travel To, show days & travel home from shows)

(Travel fee includes: Gas, Hotel, show grooming, parking fees, etc)

Group placement bonus:
If I win breed with your dog and take a group placement
(Note: if you do not want your dog taken to group if he wins breed, please note on contract)
Group 4 -- $50 bonus
Group 3 -- $75 bonus
Group 2 -- $100 bonus
Group 1 -- $200 bonus
BIS -- $500 bonus

If I have a specials dog the specials dog, the special will be taken in for Breed by me.
I would notify prior to my taking your dog as a client of arrangements if I have a special.

Pickup and Delivery services:
$50 airport pick up fee
To meet client 1/2 way to pick up dog: Gas expense + $50 fee
Drive to pick up your dog within 800 miles of my location: $400.00

Medications and medial treatment
I will require up-to-date medical records on your dog.
Every precaution will be taken to protect your dog from any injury or
illness while in my care. I will seek medical care for your dog if it is required
for illness or injury at any location we may be, and you will be required to reimburse any medical expenses.

I Currently have an opening for client dogs as listed below:
I will accept only 1 adult class dog & 1 class bitch of each Breed to be shown at any 1 time.
**Exception being if client dog owner(s) are on limited monthly showing schedule that would allow me to accept 2 client dogs and or 2 client bitches both of which would be shown alternately at a limited number of shows during each month.
*A puppy dog and bitch needing limited beginning show acclimation and ring exposure will be accepted at any time and will be shown at 1 or 2 show/weekends per month until they are ready to start full-time showing.

I currently have an openings for:
This list was last updated 12/31/2009

Yorkshire Terriers
Adult: Male -- No    Female-- Yes
6-9, 9-12mo Puppy: Male & Female
Special: Male  & Female

Adult: Male  &  Female
6-9, 9-12mo Puppy: Male & Female
Special: Male  & Female

Chinese Crested 
Male & Female Hairless & Puff Variety

6-9, 9-12 Mo. Puppy: Male & Female
Adult: Male & Female
Special: Male & Female

    Male  & Female --Yes
6-9, 9-12mo Puppy: Male & Female
Special: Male  & Female -- Yes

Contact me by email or phone
if you would like me to take your dog as a client

Tammie Ford
(828) 396-9970 M-F 8am - 5pm

Here are some dogs I have shown and or finished.

Ch8-22a.jpg (14980 bytes)
Ch. Pnderosa Dynasty Diva Of Annstef
Owner: Tammie Ford
apache8-12-05majora.jpg (18250 bytes)
Ch. Zydeco-Pnderosa Apache Warrior
Breeder/Owner: Kathryn Davis & Tammie Ford
KoJoWD7-9-05a.jpg (19037 bytes)
Ch. Hilcrest-Pnderosa Joint Custody
Owners: Sylvia Shumake & Tammie Ford
WD10-07CHa.jpg (14731 bytes)
Ch. Pnderosa's White Magic Blind Date
Owner: Tammie Ford
ColeCha.jpg (15257 bytes)
Ch. Stringers Source
Owner: Tammie Ford
HeidiBOB8-11-06a.jpg (13596 bytes)
Hilcrest's Heidi At Sonnels, pointed
Owner: Nancy Nelson  - Sonnels Yorkies
BOW11-6-05a.jpg (15120 bytes)
Pnderosa's Orion The Hunter, pointed
Owner: Tammie Ford
Major7-31-05a.jpg (15232 bytes)
Jan-Shars Electra, major pointed
Owner: Tammie Ford
IceBOB12-08a.jpg (32577 bytes)
Wild Blue Cherry Ice Boy, pointed
Owner: Kelly Keene
RickyBW6-7-08a.jpg (5322 bytes)
Sonnel's I'm A Traveling Man, pointed
Owner: Petra Orzechowski
MackBW10-08a.jpg (5937 bytes)
Sonnel's His Magisty Mack, pointed
Owner: Nancy Nelson
BW11-2-08a.jpg (15240 bytes)
Pnderosa's Star Dancer At Oakgrove, pointed
Owner: Petra Orzechowski

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