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Sample Sales Contract for Pet Puppy/Dog

**This pet is sold with a limited registration, spay/neutering is required at 6 months of age!**

          Registration papers will either be given with the puppy or will be transferred to the buyer immediately upon receipt from AKC if they are still being processed. It is understood that at the time of sale this dog is not considered to be of show or breeding quality, but is a representative of its breed and is structurally and temperamentally suited as a companion and/or obedience dog.
          This dog is guaranteed for 72 hours against any health or temperament irregularities and it is recommended the buyer have the puppy/dog examined by a reputable veterinarian during this period.
          NOTE: Any puppy/dog going to a new home may be a bit unsure of himself until he becomes completely familiar with his surroundings. A full refund will be given for any animal found unsatisfactory during the first 72 hours.

Pet Owner/Buyer Agrees:
          1) To provide good health care for this animal, which includes but is not limited to yearly vet exams and vaccinations; heartworm medication such as Interceptor, which is Emerald's first choice, must be given on the 12-month plan without interruption in order to ensure proper prevention of heartworms.
          2) To provide adequate grooming and dental care. Dental care is an often forgotten part of health care and grooming. This needs to be started at a young age, thus making it more comfortable and easier for you, your pet and your veterinarian.
          It is also very easy to forget proper nail maintenance. Lack of proper nail trimming can result in tendon and/or bone structure problems. If the owner needs help with grooming or anything else concerning their pet, contact Emerald Valley. Emerald Valley is always available to address any concerns or questions you may have concerning your pet.
          3) Pet owner agrees to keep their pet in proper weight. If you have any concerns about what is the correct weight, or need advice on proper diet, the pet owner agrees to contact their vet and Emerald Valley for assistance.
          4) Pet owner agrees not to tether or tie the pet for extended periods of time without proper supervision.
          5) Pet owner agrees to train and discipline in a humane and kind manner as to not cause injury or create a fearful pet. Emerald Valley is always available for guidance, or a list of places to take your pet for training.
          6) Pet owner agrees to refrain the pet from jumping from high places such as the couch, stairs, or bed. Jumping from such places until the pet is fully mature can cause damage to the normal growth and structure of joints.
          7) If at any time the pet owner cannot keep their pet, Emerald Valley has the first option at the return of said pet. It is the policy of Emerald Valley to take back all puppies that we produce, regardless of circumstances.

Hereditary Defect Guarantee:
          Kristy Pedersen, owner and breeder of Emerald Valley Shelties, has researched to the best of her ability the pedigrees of the dogs involved in each breeding with the hopes of producing structurally, genetically and temperamentally sound puppies. All of our breeding animals are tested for von Willdebrand's Disease and bred accordingly so as to not produce an affected offspring. We also x-ray hips at one year and always prior to being bred, with OFA certification being done at the age of 2 years. Thyroid testing is done at one year and periodically throughout the lives of our breeding animals. We also do eye checks prior to one year and every other year after. These checks are done by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist.
          Provided the pet owner/buyer has complied with all of the contents set forth in the first page of this contract:

How does the pet owner proceed with requesting any refunds?
          The pet owner/buyer must have a  letter sent to Emerald Valley by a reputable veterinarian. This must include the hereditary defect that is suspected and what course of treatment is recommended. This documentation must be sent to Emerald Valley prior to any treatment being performed. The pet owner is responsible for any testing in order to properly diagnose the health problem. It is Emerald Valley's right to ask for a second opinion; this will be at the expense of the pet owner. The choice of the vet will be of Emerald Valley's choosing, at a location that is reasonably convenient to the location of the pet and its owner.

Emerald Valley offers the pet owner/buyer the following refund options:

If the dog is aged up to two years old:
          1) Replacement of the dog. This will be one equal in value and when Emerald Valley has one available.
          2) A refund of 1/2 the purchase price, minus any refunds previously received. This will be paid directly to the pet owner/buyer by Emerald Valley.

If the dog is aged between 2 and 5 years, replacement of the dog with one equal in value when Emerald Valley has one available.

Temperament Guarantee:
          Emerald Valley will guarantee temperament of this pet, providing the pet was spayed/neutered at the agreed-upon time in the contract, and the owner has completed at least a basic obedience course with this pet. These classes usually start at 12 weeks of age. Emerald Valley will give a one-time refund for one successfully completed obedience course. This will be in the amount of $25 and request must be accompanied by a copy of the certificate of successful completion. In the event this pet has temperament problems deemed to arrive from hereditary factors, the pet owner has completed all parts of this contract and completed at least one obedience course, Emerald Valley will refund up to one-half the purchase price of this pet. Payment will be given to the pet owner upon the dog being placed in a home more suited to its temperament.

          In no case is seller's liability to exceed the initial selling price of the puppy/dog stated in this contract. No other guarantee is given except in the case of a hereditary defect which develops to the extent it renders this dog unsuitable for a pet!

          Failure of the pet owner/buyer to comply with all parts of this contract can result in the hereditary/genetic defect guarantee being voided!! The pet can be repossessed by Emerald Valley, by court order if necessary, if the pet has been bred without permission by Emerald Valley, or in the event of extreme negligence of care or abuse of this pet is found. The pet owner/buyer will be responsible for any court costs, legal fees or damages that are incurred. This also includes if Emerald Valley is unable to obtain funds, for payment of this pet.

          I have read this contract in its entirety and agree to follow the terms and conditions laid out within. (signatures follow)


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