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Show or Companion Pet Pom's Available !!!

Adorable Red Sables Available to approved to approved homes only.

Current on vaccines, vet checked, Micro Chipped for Identification, charting weight to 5 lbs. 

Health, temperament and genetic health guarantee.

Available for your reading about the Pomeranian is the AKC Link: 

AKC Information on the Pomeranian

To view the puppies individual photos click the link below:

View Pomeranian Puppies Here!!!



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The legends of many cultures see the rainbow as a kind of bridge between heaven

and earth. One of the most beautiful sights in nature, the rainbow has become

in western culture a symbol of renewed hope; something lucky to look upon.

Even the brilliance of the colors in a rainbow have significance.  A prominent green

means abundance, red means war, and yellow brings death. The Arawak Indians

of South America recognize the rainbow as a fortunate sign if it seen over the ocean,

while tribes in northeastern Siberia see it as the tongue of the sun.

The North American Catawba Indians of the Southeast and the

Tlingit of the Northwest both regard it as the bridge

between the living and the dead.

You have just entered the home of Emerald Valley Shelties located in Siler City, North Carolina
follow the yellow brick road.... the place where wishes and dreams become reality.
We wish that every Sheltie could be free of genetic defects such as hip dysplasia,
eye abnormalities, Von Wildebrande's disease and skin problems.

Altho we are a small hobby show breeder, we strive to produce shelties that are beautiful,

sound in the various conformation and performance competitions,

as well as intelligent and affectionate pets.

We wish breeders, pet owners and veterinarians could work together to

ensure the life of a sheltie is a happy and healthy one.

Pictured above are the main kennel areas- to the left is pictured the five indoor-outdoor runs which

are connected to the basement area of the main house. The indoor area of these runs is heated in

winter, air conditioned in summer, and includes the crating area, bathing/drying area, and food prep area.

The photo to the right is a 20' x 30' covered - and secured to the roof - pen which serves many purposes -

doggie visitors, escape artists, puppies, etc.

The photograph below is an aerial shot of the entirety of Emerald Valley Shelties, taken in the late spring, 2004.

The upside-down L-shaped covered area directly behind the house is where the above 20' x 30'

covered pen is located. The kennel area also pictured above is directly behind the center area of the house.

There is a very large (1 acre+) fenced area directly to the left of the house, and the entire area

behind the house is also fenced, and sectioned off into partitioned areas for the purposes

of separating groups. The area in front and to the right of the house is several acres of wide open yard.
"There's no place like home!"

Arizona sunset 2.    Arizona sunset 2.


Kristy Pedersen


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