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SIXTH POSITION is a handbook for dance teachers, young dancers' parents, and aspiring young dancers who are considering teaching dance as a career. In this 1991 First Edition, Arlene Gilbert explains what dance teachers should offer their students, delineating the many responsibilities from studio to stage, and offering insight into the challenges of operating a successful dance school. She includes what parents should expect from dance teachers, and how a professionally run dance school will prepare young dancers for the world ahead.

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Preface ...
"I have written this book in an effort to aid the young, hard working, and dedicated dance teachers, and to acknowledge that they are not alone when they experience the many aspects of pressure involved in their choice of livelihood. It is also my hope that this book will enlighten the many people who send their children to dancing school and have little or no basis for comparison. A dancing school is an educational institution, and should be looked upon as such. The ideal school is one in which the children enjoy themselves, while at the same time they learn to correctly execute the intricate technique involved in proper dance training. It is a teacher's responsibility to provide a strong foundation in dance in an atmosphere which encourages healthy attitudes. Not all dancing schools achieve these objectives, but many do; it is up to the parents to recognize the difference."
                                                                  Arlene Gilbert


In the beginning ...

grnball.GIF (486 bytes) The Studio
grnball.GIF (486 bytes) Internal Operations

The inside story ...

grnball.GIF (486 bytes) Staff - Students - Parents

And the beat goes on ...

grnball.GIF (486 bytes) Advertising and Promotion
grnball.GIF (486 bytes) Special Events
grnball.GIF (486 bytes) School Performances
grnball.GIF (486 bytes) Summer Programs
grnball.GIF (486 bytes) Trouble Shooters
grnball.GIF (486 bytes) Cracking Down

Hold on to your goals ...

grnball.GIF (486 bytes) When the Merry-Go-Round Won't Stop

Rewards ...

grnball.GIF (486 bytes) The Children


If you would like to order a copy of
The Jasper School of Dance

Copyright 1991 by
Arlene G. Gilbert

No portion of this material may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher

Printed in the United States of America

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