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The curriculum at The Jasper School encompasses a much larger picture than what is envisioned when the children are little and first begin their lessons. Without a doubt, the children are learning to dance. They are acquiring poise, grace and self-confidence, and their sense of self-esteem is continuously being nourished throughout the most impressionable years of their lives.

The making of a dancer is a process, and although at times it may seem like a long one, the children's skills become more and more developed as each season passes. The unique task of combining expert instruction with enjoyment and hard work is carefully woven into our program. Our goals are to instill physical and emotional stamina, technical proficiency, determination, self-discipline, and a genuine sense of responsibility and commitment among our students. This comprehensive approach is directly related to the professionalism achieved by our dancers over a period of years. Often, however, it is only in hindsight that the process truly becomes clear.

The rewards are accomplished young dancers - knowing dance as an art, not simply as an activity.

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Performing Program

Pre-School Children’s Program (ages 3 - 6):

First Steps (age 3 & 4)
First Steps is a unique combination of creative movement, pre-ballet, and pre-tap for the young beginner. The class focuses on self-expression, coordination, rhythm, imagination, and improving body strength on left and right sides equally. Class time is limited to 45 minutes per session so that the children do not lose interest in their lessons, which prepares them for a healthy dance future. The class meets once a week. This class performs in 1 routine only.

Kinder Kombo (age 5 - 6) Ballet, Tap & Jazz Combo
Kinder Kombo includes all three dance styles within the same session each week. The class is an inspirational blend of learning and fun in the fundamentals of preschool dance. Class time is 1 hour per week. Kinder Kombo performs in 1 routine only.

Upper School (ages 6 and up):

Triple Combo (ages 6 - 9)
Triple Combo allows children entering the upper school the option of studying ballet, tap & jazz combined into a 1 and 1/2 hour session per week. Triple Combo performs in 1 routine only.

Classical Ballet (age 7 and older)
Classical Ballet is the foundation to all styles of dance. Proper training from the onset is of utmost importance. When studied long term, ballet offers the children the ultimate in dance training, while providing poise, grace and good posture. Class time is 1 hour per week.

Pointe (age 11) With permission by the Director
Pointe is for dancers with adequate ballet training qualified to advance to pointe work. Students advancing to pointe class must be approved by the Director. Pointe is supplemental to classical ballet and must be taken in addition to ballet technique. First year pointe students do not perform on pointe. Class time is 1 hour per week.

Tap (age 7 & older)
Tap dancing enhances rhythm and helps achieve coordination. Tap is a fun and exciting form of dance, famous for the sounds the feet create. Class time is 1 hour per week.

Jazz & Hip-Hop (age 7 & older)
Jazz/Hip-Hop combines stretching, increasing flexibility, isolations, coordination, rhythm & movement, and fun hip-hop workouts! Class time is 1 hour per week. These classes are in the performing division.

Contemporary - Neoclassical (age 9 & older)
Contemporary Dance integrates the mind body spirit connection within the dance movement. It is an evolution of the forms of modern dance and classical ballet. Its freedom of style fuses the body and spirit through creative expression and improvisational skills and it focuses on the concepts of spiraling, groundedness, and sequencing through the body. The class encourages emotional expression through dance movement. Class time is 1 hour per week.

Musical Theatre/Broadway Jazz (ages 8 & older)
Musical Theatre/Broadway Jazz explores the excitement of a variety of techniques and approaches through dance movement and other learning tools that are used to develop and nurture the musical theatre experience in performing. Class time is 1 hour.

For Boys Only:

Tap/Hip-Hop/Jazz Combo for Boys Only (age 6 to 9)
Class combines Tap and some Jazz & Hip-Hop and is for boys only! Class time is 1 hour per week. This class is in the performing division.

Non-Performing Program

Bundle It With Ballet (age 9 & up)
This class is offered free to students age 9 and up who are enrolled in three (3) performing classes or more. It is an hour long class focused solely on improving technique. Additionally, it is available for $40/month to those not registered in three or more classes. Ballet dress code applies.

Accelerated Performing Program

Jasper Elite (age varies/minimum age is 9)
Jasper Elite is for serious dancers who are devoted to being at an elevated level in The Jasper School. Qualification is required by audition.

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