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Arlene Gilbert

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Arlene Gilbert has been teacher, choreographer and producer, since 1966 when she founded The Classical Ballet Studio in Woonsocket, RI, now The Jasper School of Dance in Cumberland, RI. 

Her dance education began at the Judith Maxwell School of Dance when she was six years old. By age twelve she was selected to be a member of the First Junior New England Ballet Company, and she performed at the Northeast Regional Ballet Festival in Scranton PA. She later studied with Herci and Myles Marsden, and she was a featured dancer with the State Ballet of Rhode Island. She was a Dance Major/Piano Minor at The Boston Conservatory. 

During her career she has served on the Board of Directors for the RI Ballet Theatre, New England Ballet Company and Dance Alliance of RI. She has adjudicated pageants and competitions including Little Miss RI, Miss Teen RI, Western Canada Miss Dance and the Alberta Regional Performing Arts Competition. She has choreographed and coached award-winning routines for her students as well as for students of others. She is certified by Dance Masters of America, she has taught master ballet classes in the US and Canada, she is widely esteemed for her outstanding choreography, and she has served the RI State Council of the Arts for selection of Choreography Fellowship winners.


In 1988 she founded the Dance for Heart Talent Showcase, which she chaired for twelve years to benefit the New England Affiliate of the American Heart Association. She was awarded 'Volunteer of the Year' in 1994 and the 'Special Recognition Award' in 1999 by the AHA. She is author of SIXTH POSITION, a handbook for dance teachers, and she appears in the June 1990 issue of the nationally published magazine Dance Teacher Now. In 1995 she founded The JASPER Ballet, a not-for-profit ballet company in support of people suffering the effects of AIDS. Her work continues to inspire the youth around her to apply their cultural interest and talent toward teamwork, self-discipline, commitment and growing into responsible caring young adults.

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