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The Jasper Fund for the Care and Rescue of Animals

The Jasper Fund for the Care and Rescue of Animals is a Donor Advised Fund and was established by Arlene Golden Gilbert as a component fund within The Rhode Island Community Foundation. The Jasper Fund is one of more than 550 component funds currently being managed by the Foundation, each with its own unique charitable purpose.

The Rhode Island Community Foundation was created in 1916 as one of the nation's first community foundations. It is among the nation's largest
foundations of this type, with total assets of more than $400 million. Each
year, earnings from those assets are utilized to support a wide variety of
charitable purposes both in Rhode Island and outside of our state.

Grants from The Jasper Fund will be used for the care and rescue of animals and prevention of animal abuse. Tax deductible donations to the Fund may be made to:

The Jasper Fund for the Care and Rescue of Animals
c/o The Rhode Island Foundation
One Union Station
Providence, RI  02903

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To learn more about
The Rhode Island Foundation visit:

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