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Heidi Gilbert

Heidi Gilbert was born March 13,1985 and lived a long and happy life. She loved the children at The Jasper School, and they loved her. She shared her love for "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" with all of the children, and with all of the doctors and technicians at Northern RI Animal Hospital. Her angels came for her on November 26,1999.

For Heidi from all of us
especially Mommie

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2heidi.jpg (14848 bytes)
My doggie mom "Hobbit"

3heidi.jpg (23022 bytes)
My doggie daddy "Isod"

4heidi.jpg (25752 bytes)
I was just a baby when Mommie came
to see me the very first time

5heidi.jpg (13674 bytes)
When Mommie took me home she
got me a rubber duckie!

6heidi.jpg (15233 bytes)
I LOVED my duckie

7Heidi.jpg (45808 bytes)
I used to tease Mommie

8heidi.jpg (19431 bytes)
I couldn't get the zipper
on the camera bag

9heidi.jpg (14856 bytes)
But I posed for Mommie!

10heidi.jpg (23938 bytes)

11Heidi.jpg (16580 bytes)
I would pretend I was sleeping

12heidi.jpg (22503 bytes)
I had my own Birthday Party

13heidi.jpg (27630 bytes)
Me and Mommie used to fight about the brush,
and I always won... then I had to go to

14heidi.jpg (27110 bytes)
Me and Santa had a BIG talk

15heidi.jpg (15636 bytes)
And I got more toys

16heidi.jpg (26218 bytes)
I even got "Flounder"

17heidi.jpg (15978 bytes)
Then Mommie got me
sunglasses just like hers

18heidi.jpg (30396 bytes)
Mommie made me model for her

19heidi.jpg (33737 bytes)
I didn't mind at first

20heidi.jpg (103428 bytes)
But then I got tired

21heidi.jpg (23374 bytes)
And when I grew up Mommie cut my hair
because I hated the brush so much

22heidi.jpg (32381 bytes)
Grampa was my best buddie

23heidi.jpg (30609 bytes)
And I was Gramma's girl

24heidi.jpg (21459 bytes)
When I got sick Mommie
didn't leave me for a minute

25heidi.jpg (15743 bytes)
We are Forever Friends

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