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Meet Jasper

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Hi, I'm Jasper!

I am Jasper and I am a very special dog.
I hope you enjoy your visit here with me.

No one knows exactly how old I am, or even what kind of dog I am.
I'm pretty old though, and my family thinks I'm mostly a Yellow Labrador.
When I was a puppy, my daddy took me away from the pound, and that
made me very happy. He took me everywhere with him and we had so
much fun together. I even used to go out on his sail boat with him. Did I love
to do that, but our favorite game of all was playing ball in the park. We went
everyday, and boy did he give me a work-out!
My daddy is in Heaven now, and I live with a very nice friend of my human
cousin. Chris has been really good to me. He does things that daddy used to
do with me. We have alot of fun together too, and I know that would make my
daddy very happy. But daddy would be mad at me if he knew how I try to go
through Chris's trash all the time. Hey you know what? My aunt made me
go up on a stage for my ballet company, and I had a bum leg and didn't know
how I would make the steps, but I did it just for my daddy. I loved it up there...
everybody was clapping for me!
Daddy is my guardian angel now and he watches over me. He found me a whole
new bunch of friends at puppymillrescue. So now I have all the girls at the
dancing school and all my new doggie friends, and I have my family and I have
Chris. Thank you for coming to see me. I'm very glad you came to say hello!

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"I love my Girls"
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"I had a great time
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"If my daddy could
see me now! "

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Jasper went to Rainbow Bridge April 22, 2003

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