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The Jasper School of Dance is located at 3344 Mendon Road in Cumberland, RI, where a full dance program flourishes among enthusiastic children who love to dance. The program is designed to progress from distinctive pre-school classes to advanced classes in classical ballet, pointe, lyrical, tap and jazz, with special training in techniques to assist skaters, gymnasts, and students pursuing their interest in sports.

The children at The Jasper School are discovering this marvelous instrument, the body, and through the world of dance, a wonderful way to express their emotions. They have had the opportunity to perform in community activities, and many have earned high accolades in dance competition. Many of the friendships being bonded will be lifelong, and as they grow older, the children will be able to choose for themselves, whether to follow dance as a career, or merely be rewarded by having enriched their lives through its enjoyment.

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The Jasper School Of Dance
3344Mendon Road
Cumberland, RI 02864
Phone: (401) 658-0144
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