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The Jasper School of Dance has always been involved in projects to help
benefit various causes in need. Most significantly, was our support for the
American Heart Association, in which we were instrumental in raising over
$100,000 during the 12- year time span that we dedicated our efforts. Our
link to The Jasper Ballet has enabled us to take pride in contributions of
nearly $11,000 to various AIDS organizations.

It has always been our belief that the talent we foster through the dance
world enables us to give of ourselves to charitable organizations in ways
that many others can’t. This has opened doors of opportunity for the
children to perform, and it has taught them the gratification that comes with giving.

Jasper’s Angels are some of the young people at The Jasper School who choose
to do some of God’s work here on earth. These children help Jasper do things
for charity. They either perform at a charitable event, help Jasper with
charitable fundraising, or both. At the end of the season, the children who
have participated earn their angel wings, and when they graduate high school,
they sign their names in Jasper’s official book of Angels.

As we venture toward new horizons, a time has come to focus on the innocent
lives of little animals which cannot help themselves and truly need us to
help them survive. The children at The Jasper School are now helping to do
this, and they are earning their angel wings by extending their efforts for and other animal rescue groups.

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