Ponderosa's Retired Kids
Now living in retirement with us or an approved pet home.


KoJoWD7-9-05a.jpg (19037 bytes)
Ch. Hilcrest-Pnderosa Joint Custody
Sire: Ch. Hilcrest Simon Says Ar-Bee's
Dam: Cambridge's Charisma, Major Pointed

KoJo's Pedigree
(click on KoJo's picture to go to his page)


Tilly11mo1a.jpg (16260 bytes)
Ponderosa's To Love A Saint
"Tilly", Pointed

Tilly is being retired. Although she has 3 points she is very small, and it has become apparent she will be too small to finish showing or to breed. So she is now living the retired life with us and her new sister Candy guarding the upstairs at the Smith House.

StarBOWwin6-23-01a.JPG (19509 bytes)
Ch. Hilcrest Rising Star O Ponderosa
Sire: Thunders Majestic Echo of Lenette, pointed
Dam: Mo Beta Darcy Do
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Star is Celest's & Dustin mother
Star's Pedigree

cheyenne.JPG (11619 bytes)
Cheyenne Blue Wolf
Cheyenne is a daddy's little girl. Born 2/94 she still rules the roost at the Ford's House.
CelestCha.jpg (17586 bytes)
Ch. Pnderosa N Jan-Shars Celano Eyes
Sire: Ch. Jan-Shars Don't Worry Be Happy
Dam: Ch. Hilcrest Rising Star O Ponderosa
panda3.JPG (10861 bytes)
Ponderosa's Panda Bear
"Panda" Born 6/94
Panda is spoiled by her dad Ron, and can usually be found on the couch with him sharing a snack.
Panda is Pebbles mother, Bonnie's Grandmother, and Pepe & Patches Great Grandmother
taz.JPG (9709 bytes)
Ponderosa's Lil Tazmanian
"Taz" Born 6/94
Taz is also spoiled by her mom and dad, and share's everything with her best friend Panda.
Candynew.jpg (13921 bytes)
Ponderosa's Candy Ann
- Retired
"Candy" Born 5/98
Candy rules and guards the upstairs of her Mom & Dad (Joyce & Ron's) House, while her sisters Panda & Taz guard the downstairs.
Cochise2.JPG (13677 bytes)
Ponderosa Parti Cochise Two
"Cochise" Born 8/96
Cochise still lives here at Ponderosa enjoying Retirement
Cinamin.JPG (16370 bytes)
Ponderosa's Cinamin Twist
"Cinamin" Born 5/94
Cinamin is now owned by Ella Howell, Morganton NC. She is the mother of Cookie and Grandmother Mocha
pebblesnew.jpg (13819 bytes)
Ponderosa Parti Blue Pebbles
"Pebbles" Born 6/96
Pebbles is now living in a loving pet home
Her son Chance, daughter Bonnie, and 2 grandchildren Pepe & Patches will carry on her legacy as she did for her mom Panda.
Angel2.jpg (11205 bytes)
Rose's "Angel" Joy
"Angel" Born 1/93
Angel is now living in a loving pet home
She is the mother to Peaches & Dakota
Elvis.jpg (16864 bytes)
Ponderosa's Little Elvis Blu
"Elvis" 3/96
Elvis is now living in a loving pet home owned by Susan Carswell, Rhodhiss NC
snowflakenew.jpg (14382 bytes)
Ponderosa's Snowflake Baby
Snowflake is now living with Patricia Braswell, NC as a loved pet
dutcheshead.jpg (14014 bytes)
Ponderosa's Dutch Choc Sadie
"Dutches" Born 1/96
Dutches is now living in a loving pet home.

sunnyme.jpg (10835 bytes)
Ponderosa's Ray Of Sunshine
Sunny is living out his retirement years here with us and his Dad Bandit
Cookie5-4-02a.jpg (7951 bytes)
Ponderosa's  Cookies N Cream
Cookie is now owned and loved by Judy
DCP05120a.jpg (19307 bytes)
Ponderosa Rocketman Of Hilcrest
April2007a.jpg (11940 bytes)
Ponderosa April Morning Glory
"April", Retired
Sire: Ch. Vassar Square Kris Kringle
Dam: Ponderosa's Autumn Moon Star
(Mother to Haley & Waiter)
Owned by Sherry Wisner, AL
Lacy13moa.jpg (20773 bytes)
Ponderosa's Satin 'N' Lace
Owned by Hilda Watson
Silk7mo2a.jpg (16112 bytes)
Pnderosa's Blue Silk N' Lace
Out of Cole & Lacy
Owned by Amy
Krisheadshot1-24-01a.jpg (19535 bytes)
Ponderosa's Krisp Winter Kiss
"Kris", Retired
Sire: Ch. Vassar Square Kris Kringle
Dam: Ponderosa's Autumn Moon Star
Owned & Loved by Wendy Leath, NC
Mocha2yra.jpg (9081 bytes)
Ponderosa's Mocha Express
Owned by Millie Hildreth, NC
NickyBOBa.JPG (16410 bytes)
Ch. Kamegko's Saint Nicholas
Sire: BISS Am/Can Ch. Durrers Reflection of Shelands
Dam: Kamgeko's Beautiful Dreamer

Nicky's Pedigree
Nikka5yrsa.jpg (13044 bytes)
Hilcrest's Nikka Nak
Maddie-Familya.jpg (12245 bytes)
Ponderosa Mississippi Mud Darlin
Owned by Lori Matthews, TX
Autumn3-04a.jpg (18627 bytes)
Ponderosa's Autumn Moon Star

Autumn is spending her retirement years with her daughter Honey at the Helms residence in TN
Lacy10-20-02-1a.jpg (26425 bytes)
Kilpatricks Midnight Lace

Sire: Ch. Kilpatricks Midnight Thunder
Dam: Kilpatricks QT Gold Robin
Lacy's Pedigree
Owned by: Billy Williams, MD
lovehead9moa.jpg (16142 bytes)
Ponderosa's Reflection Of Love
"Love Bug"
Owned by Penny Luft
Rhapsody9moa.jpg (13507 bytes)
Avant's Rhapsody Of Ponderosa
Sire: Ch. Kamegko's Saint Nicholas
Dam: Ponderosa's Autumn Moon Star

Co-Owner: Lynn Avant Avant Yorkies
(Mother to Cleopatra & Pharoah)
Rhaps Pedigree
Owned by Sherry Wisner, AL
Haley7-03Newa.jpg (16010 bytes)
Ponderosa's No Halo On My Head

Sire: Ch. Kamegko's Saint Nicholas
Dam: Ponderosa April Morning Glory
Haley's Pedigree

Owned by Sherry Wisner, AL

Below are some Retired and available for Adoption kids of ours.
Anyone who might be interested in adopting one of our retired girls please contact me by email with the name of the girl or boy you are interested in adopting, and I will be happy to talk with you about him or her.
Adoption fee on any of our retirees is cost of spay or neuture & Dental, which is $225.00.

All our retired dogs will be spayed/neutured and have a dental cleaning prior to going to a retirement home.


bonnie7mo1.jpg (13927 bytes)
Ponderosa's Blue Bonnet Parti
"Bonnie" --  DOB 2/17/00
Bonnie has been spayed & had a dental,
She is available for adoption to an approved pet home.



Nancy Nelson  has a male yorkie puppy available.
Sonnels Yorkshire Terriers (click on Kennel name to visit site)
Contact Nancy if you are intersted in her.

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