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We are Jerry & Sylvia Shumake, and This is Hilcrest
We are Located at 956 E. Monbo Rd.
Statesville, North Carolina 28677
Phone: (704) 528-9113
Email: Sylvia@hilcrest-kennel.com

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Hello and Welcome to Hilcrest.

I would like to tell you about Jerry and myself,and how we began with our Yorkies and Poms.

The first time I actually saw a Yorkie in person was in 1988. My sister-in-law came down from Baltimore, MD. She had her Yorkie, named Titus, with her. He was adorable and I fell in love with him. She had purchased him from a lady that had shown Yorkshire Terriers for many years.

I was very impressed with her little boy and I wanted a Yorkie of my own. I could not stop thinking about Titus

The search began locally since we did not realize that all Yorkies were not the same. We were so disappointed after 6 months of looking. We saw many Yorkies at many different places but not a one was like Titus. They did not represent the breed very well at all. After several months of searching we met a lady that had retired from showing. That was when we finally saw a Yorkie like we had been looking for. We bought our first little girl as a pet and named her Tiffany. She was a tiny little girl and she filled our home with so much love. Later we bought a beautiful 8 month old female from the same person and this little girl was named Dolly. Dolly captured our heart!

In months to come we would be able to own a very nice female that represented the breed so well. This female was Rothby's Riana of Glenmere. We did not know at the time but she would become our foundation female here at Hilcrest. This was the beginning of our adventure with Yorkshire Terriers. At this time we did not venture into showing our dogs and did not really know any show people. We would have a litter occasionally and they would be placed in approved pet homes. It was such a joy to have those little babies and watch them grow. It only took a few weeks until they developed that unmistakable Yorkshire Terrier personality. Even as babies there is no other personality like that of a Yorkie.

In 1996 we were fortunate enough to co-own a wonderful little champion. His name was Ch. Pico Presty Digi Gator, "Presty". He sired some beautiful off spring and some were added to our family. They were Simon, Mikie, Taz, and Holly. Simon represented Hilcrest in the show ring and became our very first home bred champion. Taz went on to finish her championship with new owner Brenda Gourley. This was all new and very exciting for us. Sometimes I think back and remember the months that we searched endlessly for a nice quality Yorkshire Terrier and now we are surrounded by them.

This was a whole new world for us. Our lives revolved around our precious babies: training them on lead, stacking, grooming, wrapping coats, entering and traveling to shows. With each litter here at Hilcrest we are looking for that special little one that might grow into a well bred show dog. However, all of our babies are special to us even if they are not show potential. It brings us great joy to be able to place a beautiful little one in a loving pet home. We still haven't forgotten how difficult it was for us to locate our first Yorkie and we hope that we can make that search easier for those who contact us wanting a nice quality Yorkie to love and be a member of their family.

Poms came into our lives very unexpectedly. A friend had purchased several Poms from a reputable breeder who was retiring. We acquired 4 of the adults from him. They were so sweet, with such bubbly personalities and full fluffy coats. They were so different from the Yorkies in every way, personality, coat, and looks. They were such a joy to be with and always displayed such a loving, happy personality. It was so much fun just to watch them play. They  seemed to be care free and happy regardless of their age. Several years passed and one by one these four were placed in pet homes. Pet homes meant one on one attention and a fenced in yard for play.

We really missed our fluffy little Pomeranians. We had grown so fond of them and their ever loving character. The decision was made to bring Poms back into our lives and once again the search began. It seemed to be the same as it had been when we began our search for a Yorkie. The Poms that we saw were larger, flat coated and not anything like the ones we had owned. In September of 1996 we purchased a male Pom from a show breeder. This little guy would become our first champion. His name was Ch.Ar-Bee's Little Dickens,  "Dicky". Later we were able to get a female from the same person. This was the beginning of our Poms here at Hilcrest.

We extended from the traditional colors of red, orange, and sable to a few Parti color Poms. It is such a challenge as well as an adventure to breed quality Pomeranians. We always try to breed and stay within the AKC standard. The coat is a must for these little ones and the size is so very important to display the true look we all search for. Poms remained a part of our lives until 2008 when we decided we needed to concentrate on one breed.

We are very proud of all of our Yorkshire Terriers here at Hilcrest.All of our puppies are whelped in our home. We strive to show and breed for quality, health, personality and to the standard. All of our pets are placed on limited registration to loving pet homes.

We do not always have puppies available so please contact us for more information on availability of a puppy. If we do not have anything available when you contact us you may ask to be placed on our waiting list.

Please visit our Puppy Room to view some of the puppies produced here at Hilcrest. Be sure to visit the New Arrivals page to see announcements of our most recent babies. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Thank you for visiting with us here at Hilcrest.

Sylvia & Jerry Shumake

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